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Sleep well marks a new direction in the food and drink industry – a classic reinvention of a classic night time ritual revived for the modern day. Our Mission : Helping the world get a better night’s sleep.

A gorgeous tasting drink combining Jersey milk with honey and valerian, a herb that’s been helping people relax and sleep for 2000 years.

This drink is full of goodness, natural, suitable for all the family to enjoy and help you relax and sleep.

Available in two different sizes, 200ml individual carton or 1L family size which is ideal for sharing


Its strengths

  • The best natural ingredients : 

    • Jersey Milk : 20% more calcium, more protein and a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals than most milks. It’s the valerian in Sleep Well that helps you relax and get a better night’s sleep.
    • Honey : contains simple sugars that are so much better for you than white sugar or artificial sweeteners. The perfect blend of natural fructose and glucose to help you sleep, it’s also full of antioxidants.
    • Valerian : A natural plant extract, that’s been helping people relax and sleep for 2000 years. This herb is grown and harvested in the UK from a fully traceable and sustainable source, guaranteeing the highest quality.
  • Sleep Well is not a medicine and is great for the whole family to enjoy (not suitable for children under 12 months).

  • Ready to drink milk product, great cold or warmed up.

  • Long life UHT aseptic product with 9-month shelf life.

  • Available in handy ‘sip & sleep’ 200ml cartons or 1ltr tower.

  • A natural milk drink that helps you relax and sleep.

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