Produced by hand from high-quality raw materials in Belgium, Alfiero desserts offers unique flavors to delight your taste buds. These products illustrate both the perfect mastery of traditional cuisine and the innovative spirit that Alfiero cultivates every day.

Rediscover Tiramisu, a classic of Italian gastronomy, available in 3 flavors, from the most classic to the most daring : Chocolat & Caramel, Chocolat & Oréo, Caramel & Spéculoos.

Also, let yourself be tempted by the chocolate mousse, whose the secret recipe is known only to the founder himself.

Quality at the heart of Alfiero products :

  • Artisanal know-how
  • Authenticity of ingredients from Italy
  • Free from gelatin

Packaging & technical characteristics redesigned for you :

  • Stability & 96h DLC after thawing
  • Unbreakable thermoformed plastic cup


Tasty and creamy, rediscover with EZDO the delicacy of Mousse au Chocolat made from authentic Belgian chocolate. A light and airy texture of which only Alfiero, leader in Belgium and Holland, knows the secret. For several years now, their know-how has enabled them to make quality products with a sweet and powerful taste at the same time. The production is 100% artisanal, and made without alcohol and gelatin.


We propose you to let yourself be surprised by a classic of Italian gastronomy! Declined in several flavours in order to adapt to the taste of all types of consumers, the Tiramisu Alfiero is the result of a unique know-how, worked and perfected for years. This greedy and inescapable dessert, is made artisanally in Belgium, without alcohol and gelatin.


Caramel & Spéculoos

Spéculos & Chocolat Noisettes Nutella

Oréo & Chocolat

Chocolate mousse



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