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We support our customers by taking the current and future flagship products in France or Europe and adapting them to suit the respective local market and customer requirements.

We support our customers by offering the current and future flagship products in France and the best of European products on the other continents by adapting them to their respective local market and the requirements of our customers.

EZDO can draw upon its wealth of experience in the food industry. All our concepts and proposals are based on an excellent understanding of operational and trading knowledge, regulatory constraints, and consumption patterns of the target market.


We’re dedicated to offering our customers the finest flagship products from France and across Europe. Adapting them to meet the needs of any local market requirements and the desires of our customers. EZDO can do this by drawing draw upon its wealth of experience in the food industry. All our concepts and proposals are based on an excellent understanding of operational and trading knowledge, regulatory constraints, and consumption patterns of the target market.
The company enjoys an enviable reputation thanks to its strong core values and long-term partnerships. Our product and market knowledge make us an excellent partner around the world. Through our global presence; our customers benefit from an informed view of the latest trends and innovations, whilst also facilitating how they can bring these offers to their customers. Motivation and passion are essential elements of our business. Our team of professionals both operational and commercial are available to meet your needs and requests.

Our priorities: Innovation / Knowledge / Productivity / Proximity.


Our core business remains within bakery & pastry, but in listening to our customers, we have broadened our ranges extensively to now include dairy products (butter, cream), raw materials and ingredients for industrial use and a variety of ‘retail ready’ products intended for the final consumer in retail or club store formats.

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We’re experts in identifying a product, adapting it to suit the local market and seamlessly delivering them anywhere in the world with our expert logistical solutions.

Our European location, and international experience enable us to bring you ideas, solutions and new concepts. We listen to what you need and bring you the solution.



Our sales team are at your service, ready to respond. Our strong international presence puts us at the forefront of new trends and to reference innovative new concepts. We have flexible logistics and fast delivery times throughout France. EZDO FRANCE operate across 3 key business sectors: Out of Home Catering, Distributors and GMS. Over the years, we have built strong relationships meeting the specialist needs of the ethnic catering markets.



Active across global markets, we have established, long-term partnerships in many countries. We operate across both the Foodservice and Retail sectors; including supermarkets, cash & carry and club stores. We supply a wide range of products under our own brands or those of our partners, originating from France and other EU countries. With our experience and market knowledge, we understand and navigate the regulatory requirements for each destination market.

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Contact our team present and available on site.

COMMERCIAL RESPONSIBILITY   Siroos ASBAGHI  siroos.asbaghi@gmail.com  +954-682-5851

SALES CONTACT      Isabelle BERNATCHEZ     Ibernatchez@ezdo.fr     +33 601 62 17 63

SALES CONTACT     Stéphane BUREAU   sbureau@ezdo.fr   +65 9628 5492

SOURCING / UK SALES REPRESENTATIVE     Adrian BAINTON     adrian@ezdo.fr     +44 7809 331933

SALES HEAD TURKEY   Senem KUTLU    skutlu@ezdo.fr   +90 506 142 07 33

COMMERCIAL OFFICER     Bertrand RICHARD     brichard@ezdo.fr     +33 658783127

SALES HEAD    Yann JABRIN     yjabrin@ezdo.fr     +33 752609252

SALES HEAD (Région Ile de France)    Pascal DOIX   pdoix@ezdo.fr    +33 750087159

COMMERCIAL MANAGER     William SLEIMAN     wsleiman@ezdo.fr     +971 50 8428120


Ezdo is a cosmopolitan, people centric company. Composed of some twenty, dynamic people who work to change society. We’re like a family, involved and supportive.

Like a multicultural society, our team reflects the diversity of nations; their history and cultures (France, Japan, Canada, Russia, USA, UK, Middle East), with a geographical presence in Europe, Asia, USA, and the Middle East, with fluent speakers in many foreign languages…


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EZDO has its warehouse facility based at Lens, in Nord Pas de Calais. With a storage capacity of 2,000 pallets and a national transport network, we can quickly fulfil and deliver your orders.

Depending on the needs of our customers and the destination we take care of the various stages of preparation and delivery. From receipt of the goods until their out-loading, by either truck or container, our team take responsibility to complete the requirement of your order: quality, labelling, packaging …

We can also facilitate bespoke labelling and documentation, in order to meet the legislative requirements of the destination (Norms INCO, FDA, Municipality, etc). We can also prepare sample orders for prospective clients, so we might tailor make specific offers to anywhere in the world, but always in compliance with the destination country’s regulations. Close monitoring of our stock holding to ensure suitable management of our inventory.


We offer our products under our brands … or of course under yours !

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